Portuguese linked to extremist group Islamic State detained

Europe News

A Portuguese man was detained late Sunday morning on suspicion of supporting the extremist Islamist group, and was heard in court, which has ruled that pre-trial detention is coercive, judicial officials said.

In a joint communiqué of the Attorney General’s Office and the Judiciary Police it is also said that the citizen now accused is based in the United Kingdom, from where he developed activities to support the terrorist organization, “namely as support and facilitator to the movement of others to the territories of Iraq and northern Syria. ”

The two entities explain that the police action that led to the arrest of the suspect to support the fighters of the “Islamic state” took place in a criminal investigation into terrorism, in particular on the participation of national citizens in the ranks of the Islamic State.

“The police action took place at dawn on June 16, and a home search was carried out accordingly to the residence where the individual was,” said the statement, adding that the investigation is still ongoing and is essentially limited to ” residing in national territory given the criminal procedural relevance in terms of competences, and the cases of other diaspora nationals are treated differently and in their own place. ”