Portuguese Maritime Police rescues 35 migrants


In the boat were 12 children (two babies), seven women, one pregnant, and 16 men

The Portuguese Maritime Police on a mission on the Greek island of Lesbos on Friday rescued 35 migrants, 12 of them children, who were aboard a boat and were transported to the port of Skala Skamineas.

The boat was detected by Greek military personnel who transmitted the information to the Maritime Police team aboard the ‘Shark’ vessel. The Maritime Police team intercepted the boat by 03:35, in front of the Tsonia region, “the National Maritime Authority (AMN) said in a statement.

On board the vessel were 35 migrants, including 12 children (two babies), seven women, one pregnant, and 16 men.

The migrants were transferred to the vessel of the Maritime Police and transported to the port of Skala Skamineas, where they landed and were delivered to the Greek authorities safely , “the document added.

The Maritime Police is part of the Poseidon operation, under the aegis of the European Frontex agency and in support of the Greek Coast Guard, with the aim of controlling and monitoring the Greek and external maritime borders of the European Union, combating cross-border crime, within the European Coast Guard.

The Maritime Police will continue on mission until January 2020, having saved 2,020 lives since starting this mission in Greece in May 2017. Since 2014, when it began its participation in the Poseidon mission, the Maritime Police totals 5,176 lives saved “concludes .