Suspect of homicide tried to beat police with a fork


Ponta Delgada’s PSP on Saturday arrested a 30-year-old man, who was suspected of having committed homicide crimes in the attempted manner and resistance and coercion against an agent.

The officers of the Ponta Delgada police station detained the suspect in the Feteiras parish after he “attacked a man with a razor, causing several injuries to the head, neck and limbs” , explains the Regional Command of the Azores, in a press release.

The victim has received hospital treatment and is recovering from injuries, the statement said.

At the time of arrest, the attacker “armed with a fork, also sought to assault a police officer, so there was a need to resort to using the firearm with less lethal ammunition , ” police having fired rubber bullets into the air and ” toward the lower limbs of the detainee, which resulted in minor injuries . ”

The detainee will be presented on Monday to the Central Criminal Investigation Center of Ponta Delgada, to learn about the coercion measures ordered by the judge.