Man kills daughter, wife and in-laws in desperate act Hours before committing the crimes


A man killed his daughter, wife and in-laws during a family farm in Texas Monday.

The man, 54, will have killed the daughter of 15 months, Ranly, the Asley woman of 27, and the in-laws, Lynda and Carlos, both 72, with a firearm, according to advance information by the newspaper Mirror , which cites police sources.

Terri Robinson, a close friend of the couple, told the British newspaper that Ashley was married to Horn three or four years ago, but added that she was thinking of separating herself from her 27-year-old companion.

Hours before the tragedy, Horn was at ‘Players’, a local bar, playing ‘poker’, the same source said. On the same day, you will have posted a message on Facebook. “It’s time to pay for all the bad decisions you’ve made in life.

Never bet your life on anyone because nobody knows 100 percent,” he said in a posting that has since been deleted. After committing the crimes, the man ended up committing suicide.