Ronaldo and Georgina celebrate Alana Martina’s first birthday

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Parents are the first to say that time goes by when children are small. In fact, if still yesterday we saw the first photo of Cristiano Ronaldo and Georgina Rodríguez with the baby on her lap in the maternity bed, this Monday is a year on that moment.

The day is a celebration between the couple, who this Monday celebrates the love and the birth of the first daughter in common, Alana Martina. Nearby, the brothers are also sharing this moment with the baby, especially the eldest, Cristianinho who, at eight, understands everything that goes on around him and adores the baby.

Eva and Mateo, a year and five months, still do not understand that it is a special day, but they will not be lacking in pampering, as it happens every day. It is recalled that Alana Martina was conceived when Ronaldo and Gio were dating only two months ago.

The Spaniard adopted the other sons of the ace as his own.