Wikileaks co-founder disappeared in Norway


– Graça Andrade Ramos

Norwegian police are looking for Arjen Kamphuis, a cybersecurity specialist, last seen on 20 August in the north of the country. “We have opened an investigation,” a police spokesman, Tommy Bech, told the France Press Agency.

Bech said “no idea” where he might be and refused to “speculate on what might have happened.” According to the Norwegian news agency, NRK, police say Kamphuis has disappeared without a trace.

In the social network Twitter, Wikileaks considered “strange” the disappearance of Kamphuis.

According to the organization, based on information from friends of the 47-year-old Dutchman, he was last seen leaving his hotel in Bodo, carrying a train ticket to Trondheim, about 700 kilometers further south.

You should catch a plane in this city to return to Amsterdam on August 22 at the end of a two-week backpacking holiday in Norway.

The trip between Bodo and Trondheim lasts about 10 hours, “which suggests he disappeared within hours of Bodo, Trondheim or the train itself,” Wikileaks said.

Two local newspapers published photographs of Arjen, appealing to the Norwegian public to provide clues. The appeal is echoed and broadened on Twitter by a friend of the cyber-specialist. Ancilla says a man similar to Kamphuis will have been spotted in Denmark between 28 and 29 August.

Khampuis is three feet four inches tall, has long blond hair and wears glasses. He usually wears black and wears an equally black backpack. He still likes to travel by foot, refers to one of the first signs of his disappearance.

The Dutchman is a well-known hacker and co-founded Gendo, a Dutch cyber consulting firm, where he is director of the technology department. He is also the co-author of a book on information security for journalists.

Wikileaks is an organization that publishes online confidential and allegedly compromising documents of government departments and companies. In 2010 it was celebrated by divulging thousands of secret documents of the American military forces.

Its founder and principal face is Julian Assange, a 47-year-old Australian citizen, who has been taking refuge since 2012 at the embassy of Ecuador in London, England, to escape extradition to the United States of America, which intends to try him for the disclosure of military documents.