Any fan of the singer now has the opportunity to purchase the Mini Cooper S from the Queen of Pop.

The vehicle that served Madonna for four years is now on sale for AutoTrader, a car sales site. The mini Cooper S was bought by the pop queen in 2002 and has appeared in numerous paparazzi photos.

The RX52 PAO license plate is proof that the Mini was actually used on Madonna’s different trips, as it is also said in the description of the online sale . The car was also the target of one of the singer’s songs, American Life, in 2003: “I drive my Mini Cooper, and I’m feeling super-duper.”

The car that is now on sale was the means of transport of Madonna during the period in which the artist lived in London with her husband Guy Ritchie.

The Mini Cooper S has only 25,000 miles, the equivalent of 40,200 kilometers and is for sale for 55,000 pounds, or 60,655 euros.

The singer’s car has been sold to her driver who has kept it to date.

It is recalled that the singer lives in Lisbon and is a fan of the Portuguese capital.