Italy and France exchange accusations on immigration policy


The Italian Interior Minister accused the French President of hypocrisy regarding immigration policy. Matteo Salvini came to say that France refused more than 48,000 migrants on the border with Italy. In response, Emmanuel Macron reaffirms the fight against “opportunistic demagogues” who want to destroy Europe. Brussels proposed that Member States take “more responsibility”. Portugal calls for more transparent rules for the reception of migrants.

The Italian interior minister has made public that Paris has rejected the entry of thousands of migrants since the beginning of 2017. “From the beginning of 2017 until today, France of the good Macron refused more than 48,000 immigrants on the border with Italy, including women and children, “said Matteo Salvini on the social network Twitter.

” Is this Europe of solidarity and what does Macron and benefactors talk about? Before giving lessons to others, he would invite the hypocritical French president to reopen his borders and welcome the thousands of refugees he promised to receive, “added Salvini.

The French head of state replied to these and other criticisms of Salvini, namely the blame of Brussels in cutting public spending in Italy on the day of the fall of the Morandi Bridge in Genoa. For Salvini, the budgetary restrictions imposed on Rome have put at stake the “security of the Italians”.

“A bridge collapses; It’s Europe! Demographics are rampant in Africa; it’s Europe! “Macron said. “It’s not the so-called nationalists, it’s the opportunistic demagogues,” he said in Helsinki, where he concluded a three-day trip through Northern Europe.

“These people forget what Europe brought us 70 years ago and want one thing: the division, the nationalist retreat, behind every little thing that separates us,” Macron said.

French President Nicolas Sarkozy has called for “a demanding path, this negotiation of agreements and disagreements,” he said. ”

It is raising the tone of the criticisms and accusations exchanged between the heads of state and government of Italy and France. , it is no longer disguised that the divisions are becoming more pronounced.

“At present, in the European Union, there are two blocs, one led by Macron (…), who is the head of the parties that support immigration, and the other we are the ones who want to stop illegal immigration. This is the current situation, “Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán was quoted as saying at a press conference with Matteo Salvini in Milan this week.
Portugal defends more transparent rules on the reception of migrants

Azeredo Lopes, who attended the informal meeting of Defense Ministers of the European Union, called for more rules and greater transparency in the reception of migrants.

In statements to Antena 1, the Portuguese minister considers that decisions can not be taken only when a boat appears needing a port.

Italy even defended a turnover in the landing of migrants. In this way, they would be welcomed by several European ports. However, Azeredo Lopes explained that the agenda of the informal meeting in Vienna, Austria, did not provide for decisions on concrete proposals.

In an attempt to appease the Italian government, European Commission Vice-President Federica Mogherini, who is also Italian, proposed that member states take “more responsibility” to find a solution for the migrants rescued as part of the “Sophia” operation.