SAD of Benfica constituted defendant in the E-Toupeira case


The Sports Public Limited Company of Benfica was constituted this Monday accused in the E-Toupeira case, according to confirmed this night the Attorney General’s Office. SAD incarnated was called to appear this Monday in the Public Ministry, represented through the administrators Domingos Soares de Oliveira and Nuno Gaioso Ribeiro.

Thus, SAD of the club of Light becomes the sixth defendant in the process. The actors are suspected of corruption, illegitimate access, violation of the secrecy of justice, computer fraud and personal favoritism. Paulo Gonçalves, Benfica’s legal adviser, had also been accused in March of this year.

The Benfica reacted however in a statement . Luz’s team confirmed that she was charged in the process but leaves several charges. The club complains that it is suffering from harsh illegalities, since it says that there is no evidence linking the defendants’ statements to the SAD Board of Directors of the “incarnates.”

Luz’s team also states that Paulo Gonçalves, the accused in the process, did not pass it on to any of the investigators, and revealed that he retains full confidence in the legal counsel.

In an extensive communication, Benfica complains that there are no facts or evidence that incriminate the SAD and accuses that this is another step in what he calls a “persecution trail moved against Benfica by some responsible for the investigations.”

The incarnates complain that all the criminal participation they have made in recent times are “paralyzed and silenced” and that those “aimed at the persecution of Benfica are repeatedly publicized.”

The Luz club concluded the statement saying that the court’s decision is “illegal and unconstitutional” and that it will advance to challenge the decision.

The Attorney General’s Office (PGR) has already confirmed to the Lusa agency that it has constituted the SAD of Benfica as defendant in the ‘e-mole’ process.

“Under the provisions of Article 86 (13) (b) of the Code of Criminal Procedure, the defendant’s constitution, as part of the so-called ‘e-mole’ process, Benfica “, can be read in the note sent by PGR.