Trump warns of collapse of markets if dismissed


Trump warns of collapse of markets if dismissedThe President of the United States says that he is doing an “incredible job” and that he would rate himself as “excellent”

  • Kevin Lamarque – Reuters

In an interview with Fox News , Donald Trump responded to rumors about his dismissal and warned that in that case, “markets will collapse.” The impeachment issue gained momentum after Trump’s former attorney Michael Cohen admitted that he had made payments in exchange for silence during the 2016 election at the President’s request to two women with whom Trump had been involved.
Michael Cohen committed Trump after a federal judge in Manhattan had pleaded guilty to violating the election laws and claiming that he was instructed to do so by the President.

The question of Donald Trump’s dismissal is now very speculative. The President of the United States rarely speaks publicly on the subject, but this Thursday he did so in an exclusive interview with Fox News . Paul Manafort, the former director of the presidential campaign, was also found guilty of tax and banking fraud.

When asked if he believes the Democrats will try to pull him out of office as he gained power in November’s midterm elections, Trump says he does not know “how do you dismiss someone who has done a great job.”

The President of the United States warns of economic problems in a framework of deprivation: “If ever you are destitute, I think markets collapse.” “Everybody would be very poor,” he added. Pointing to himself, Trump justifies the collapse of markets: “Without this thought you would see numbers that you would not believe.”

Are Payments A Crime For Trump?

Donald Trump admitted on Wednesday that he was aware, “later” of payments made to alleged mistresses. He claims that the money went out of his personal account and not from the campaign funds, arguing for that reason that “it was not a violation” of the laws of financing the electoral campaign.

In July, Cohen made public audio recordings where he allegedly discusses with Trump one of the pre-election payouts.
As the BBC explains , bribery payments have not been reported to the Federal Election Commission and, under US election rules, any payment made for the purpose of influencing a vote should be mentioned.

It remains to be determined whether the payments were made to protect Trump’s personal reputation or to protect his image as a presidential candidate.
“It’s the only excuse they need.”

Cohen’s statements may have been a lever for impeachment. A Republican lawyer, in statements to the American newspaper Politico, admits that the statements of the former President’s lawyer are another point against Trump and fears they are the ideal pretext for Democrats to advance the removal of the US President if they take over the United States House of Representatives during the midterm elections in November.

“It’s the only excuse they need. And believe me, they do not need many excuses, “says the lawyer.

White House-accredited journalists say, however, that any action against Trump is unlikely before the Nov. 6 midterm elections, as Republicans – the party that has elected Trump – control the House of Representatives.

Attacks on Hillary

During the interview with the American channel, Donald Trump continued to praise himself and extolled all his economic achievements: “I liberated [the economy], got rid of the regulation, the tax cut was a tremendous thing,” said Trump . “But even before the tax cut, from the first day I got rid of regulation. I approved pipelines, granted 48 000 jobs. I did a lot of things,” he added.

the US president made no reference to her Democratic rival, idealizing what would have been the US economy if Hillary Clinton won the presidential election in 2016.

“If Hillary and the Democrats had won, if she were president, there would have been a negative growth. 10 billion dollars. ”

Donald Trump also praised China’s relationship: “When I came to the presidency, China was a dominant force. Now they really like me, I get along very well with President Xi. ” Trump underlines that the US had a deficit with China of 515 billion dollars. “It will not happen again,” says the President of the United States.

Migration policies are a “historical work”

The subject of immigration was also mentioned during the Fox News interview . Donald Trump says they are doing “historic work” despite “bad legislation.”

“When there is bad legislation we can do a good job. But we can do even better work if there is good legislation. So they will all be changed but we have to elect more Republicans, “Trump said.

Trump also revealed that the construction of the wall with Mexico is ongoing: “The wall is being built, many people do not know that.”

He added that “I would like to build [the wall] even faster,” but added that working together with the Democrats is “very difficult.”

The US president says he is doing “incredible work” and would self-evaluate as “excellent.”

“I do not think any president did what I did in that short space of time,” Trump said. “I always won. It was controversial when I competed, but I won, and now the country is going better than ever, “he added.